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Front garden pots

PinkypooPinkypoo Posts: 30
Please can I have suggestions for plants for the pots in my front garden?

I have a very small front garden to my Victorian cottage, just gravel, brick wall and step. I have pots either side of the step and one under the window. Either side of the step currently have summer bedding in which is on its last legs. One by the window has a bay tree which isn't happy so will be moved to the back garden into a bigger pot. The front garden gets the sun all morning. 

Is there anything I can replace the bay with that looks nice all year and at some point flowers? Also suggestions for the ones by the steps as the summer bedding won't last now till I do them autumn ones. 

Looking forward to seeing the suggestions as off to the garden centre tomorrow! Thank you! 


  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,327
    How big are the pots ? Any permanent planting pot you should use john innes no3 with a mix of Multi-compsot .

    Choyisa look good especially white dazzler and goldfingers both flower twice a year  -Viburnum tinus - Nandina firepower and lots of others - Hollys topiary? - Skimmia - osmanthus burkwoodii ( topiary ) and goshiki - sarcococca winter scented - Hellebores - hebes - topiary like yew / box others - piers - yucca - phormiums ? - lavender - olearia haastii maybe - senico -  escallonia - hypericum semi evergreen - euphorbia silver swan - T Tiger and others - Camellia. Hopefully that gives you something to think about.  
  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 50,155
    I wouldn't put a Camellia there, for various reasons, but the size of the pots is the important bit of info for suitable suggestions, as well as what time do you have for maintenance ? 
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