can you use garlic seed in cooking?

Hi all

Our garlic has dried beautifully, but the flower heads were left on the stalks. We now have lots of dried garlic seeds. I've hunted on the web, but can't find any recipes using garlic seed. Are they ok to eat? TIA



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    I haven't tried it but I guess they will be similar to onion seed (kalonji) so any recipe which uses those should work. I have used kalonji in curries and naan bread is often coated with it so I would be happy to try it.
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    Thanks Steephill! 
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    Garlic doesn't produce seeds, what you have on the top is little bulbils, they taste just like garlic, no reason you can't use them except the small size.

    The "Onion" seeds on naan are not onion seeds but Nigella sativa So love in the mist and not any form of allium.

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    Thanks Skandi!
  • Looks like garlic does produce seed, just like onions and other alliums, but it isn't usually eaten
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    Thanks Bookmonster - a useful article!
  • Yes, you can use them and they are much similar to the regular garlic. Eating or not is up to you and they are a bit similar to onion seeds.
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