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Preparation for new lawn

Hello and thank you for reading this message.
Our lawn area is 90% weeds. Thistles, bindweed, wort of some kinds, nettles, other stuff. There's masses.
How do we clear this permanently so we can then put in a new lawn?
Thank you again for reading.


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,834
    Hello phildig. It all depends on how big your lawn area is. If it is not too large then digging out the weeds is probably the best way to go. If its a large lawn area then a herbicide that becomes harmless when it reaches the soil is a best bet to kill off the weeds.
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  • If It was me, then I would say, kill off the weeds first with a product like vitax, then once they were all dead, scarify the lawn on the lowest setting.

    You can hire a scarifyer if you don’t have one.  

    Then top dress the lawn with a mixture of sand / soil / fine compost.  (50, 25, 25) and re-seed.  
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