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Should I move my Acer Brilliantisum


At the beginning of the year I planted a Acer Brilliantisum tree that initially took very well. However the leaves have over the summer started to crisp, and have failed to grow to any decent size as they should. 

It simply looks a bit sad 

Now I know some acers struggle in full sun and suffer from what is I supposed effectively sunburn however I was informed the Brilliantisum would not. It gets plenty of sun from early morning through till 5pm. 

I can move this to a spot which gets slightly less son... Depending on how close I move it towards the house (sun moves around the house setting at the front)

Any ideas on whether I should move this and when would be the best time 


  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,011
    Acer pseudoplatanus ' Brilliantissimum ' is normally tolerant of full-sunshine ; the new leaves initially a striking shrimpy-pink colouration .
    However , by July/August they've normally faded to a sickly green . The leaves shouldn't be crisping up yet .
    Has it been getting copious amounts of water ; this is vital for at least the first two-years .
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