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climbing rose.

Planted a rose in the garden[treated with rose fertiliser first] in Mar,left for a month did not grow, took it out and replanted in tub in compost and is now growing away very healthy.Can i keep it in the green house over winter and plant next spring.Do not want to disturb it now, it has put on some growth. 


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,149
    It doesn't need winter protection as it is a hardy plant. That said, anything can die in a really cold spell. Keeping things under glass in winter protects them but also leaves them open to picking up pests from any nearby plants.....even clean greenhouses can harbour nasty it is best to leave hardy plants outside.
    There's no reason why you can't plant the rose in the garden now. The roots will be better protected from frost if they are underground rather than in a pot.
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