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Why aren’t these gladioli flowering?!


Very much hope you can help.

We look after a narrow ‘sweep’ (border) of land that surrounds a public footpath.

Our aim is to create a bright splash of colour that will delight walkers as they approach this section of the footpath.

We planted some lovely West Country lupines in this border earlier in the Spring and they successfully flowered from May-July.

We also planted several gladioli bulbs earlier in the spring in the hope that they would carry on to provide height and colour in late Summer, after the lupines had died down.

However, whilst we seem to have got lots of green leaves - there are no flowers! See photo.

Not sure why these gladioli haven’t flowered - first thought was perhaps that there is not enough sunlight - but the lupines flowered well, so not sure.
Or perhaps because this is only the first year?

It’s a real shame as we want this ‘sweep’ to look really pretty and colourful. 

Would very much appreciate any thoughts as to what we can do/should be doing with these gladioli.
Or, if you think these are unlikely to work, what might we do instead?

Chalky soil: the border is surrounded by a hedge in one side but there is reasonable light.
Thank you!


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,720
    When did you plant them? Late planting results in late flowers. Some of my overwintered ones(left in soil) are flowering, but not all of them are in flower yet. If you feel the stem you may be able to feel a bud forming.  Too much shade and they probably won't repeat flower, but they should flower the first year.
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