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sweet pointed peppers

I have grown five of these plants from seed in my greenhouse and the plants are great and I have lots of very healthy peppers however, they are still very green. We haven't had much sun over the last two weeks, any ideas how I could get them to ripen up or should I just wait. I did think about putting a banana in the greenhouse !!


  • They are edible green but I suppose like the rest of us you have to cross fingers and wait for some sunshine. In a greenhouse I suppose you could use heat, but how wasteful environmentally...More sound to buy some Spanish ones from the shops.
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  • LynLyn Posts: 23,190
    Mine haven’t started to turn yet. Give them another month or so. 
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  • Allotment BoyAllotment Boy Posts: 6,731
    They need heat to get them to go red, once they start to turn if you cut them & bring them in to a warmer place they may ripen a bit faster.
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  • KiliKili Posts: 1,099
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    I tried sweet mini bell peppers this year and they ripen much faster. I assume due to the small size. In fact I have about 50 of the little blighters red and orange ready to be plucked as I type this post.
    Might be worth a try next year if you want to be picking red and orange ripened peppers from July on. ;)

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  • veggie fingersveggie fingers Posts: 28
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    Thanks everyone for the advice....seems I need to be patient
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