• KhenleyovaKhenleyova Czech Republic Posts: 13
    Hello. Thank you so much for your view and comments. I cut it all the dead branches. Hope i will get new leaves, branched. Exactly, as you have mentioned. Thank you again!
  • KhenleyovaKhenleyova Czech Republic Posts: 13
    Hello. Could anyone please advise me when shall i cut the flowers and berries from my bushes? Many thanks. 
  • Stephanie29Stephanie29 HampshirePosts: 17
    Hi Khenleyova, I think you don't need to cut off the flowers or berries. You could prune evergreen hedges like your plants now, if they become too big.
    I've read the previous posts and wanted to add a suggestion: How about a bamboo with dark stems and fresh green leaves? It is basicly a grass and it would fit your design.
  • KhenleyovaKhenleyova Czech Republic Posts: 13
    Good morning Stephanie, thank you for the answer. I was only worried if the flowers or berries don't take a lot of energy from the bushes. My bushes despite the current issue are absolutely covered with flowers 2x year and after that they have a very long stems of berries. Bamboo, it is nice idea. I have bamboos (5 different types including the black one) at the Mill. Unfortunately, they need a lot of water and it is not recommended to grow them in pots ☹️. I have discussed this with the supplier who grows them. They would be stressed. But thank you for the thought! Appreciated. 
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