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  • KiliKili Posts: 576
    Kili said:

    The only problem she then had was that when she tried to retrieve her quote she couldn't log in because the system wouldn't accept a DOB before 1935!!
    Call them.  They can retrieve the quote for you and you can pay over the phone.

    That's why I never signup for auto renew. Always check each year before they take your money for the best deal.
    I did call them, I was just amused and rather shocked at the apparently arbitrary age cut off. I did ask the person I spoke to ask the IT department to change this.

    I then had to break the news to my mum that they wouldn't accept a cheque in payment! They also told me that she couldn't make an annual payment but that it would have to be monthly and that it would auto-renew. She will be sent a letter in advance of the auto renewal though and can cancel at that point if she wishes.
    Ah.... Singing Gardener if only we had spoken earlier. I had the same problem being forced to pay monthly.
    I finally got round it by choosing contents insurance only and at that point it states do you want to add buildings insurance also. Doing it this way you get the option at the end to make a one off yearly payment which I did.

    Just make sure you don't miss a payment, any problems and the buggers will say you missed a payment your insurance is invalid. Unlikely but, hence the reason I like to pay a year in advance then there's no argument about the insurance being valid. Getting them to pay up well that's a whole different ball game  :D

    'The power of accurate observation .... is commonly called cynicism by those that have not got it.

    George Bernard Shaw'

  • Singing GardenerSinging Gardener EssexPosts: 1,126
    If I'd been doing it for myself then I'd probably have shopped around more. I did get quotes from a comparison website to check and the amount Aviva were charging seemed reasonable. She's paying automatically by debit card so it's unlikely she'd miss a payment but thanks for the warning.
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