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Do I have to feed spring onions?

hi everyone, may sound silly but do I have to feed my newly emerging spring onions?  They are in a raised bed, with horse manure compost.  Previous occupant was peas and broad beans
Also I’ve read to cover in fleece to protect from birds. Is this right?  Had downpour last night so not sure if wet fleece on the new growth good. They are around 2 inches tall
Any help greatly appreciated... new veg grower 
thanks !


  • Mr. Vine EyeMr. Vine Eye Posts: 2,338
    I didn't, they grow really quickly so if they're planted in fresh compost there will be enough nutrients in there to last them til they're ready to harvest.
    East Yorkshire
  • Ok Mr Vine Eye thanks
    lots of birds around there I’m hoping they’re too big for them to pull up..
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