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What is this plant?

kasjkkasjk Posts: 137
Is there anyone out there who can help me identify this plant please? I just moved into a house on Friday and there's this large shrub/tree-like thing with small yellow plum looking fruits. No idea what it can be and have tried to google it but to no avail...

It can't just be as simple as plums can it? They are very small and are next to a 'proper' yellow plum tree and it looks different....


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 35,790
    Hello kasjk. If the 'proper' yellow plum tree was a grafted specimen, it could be that these smaller versions are actually growing from the rootstock that the original plum tree was grafted on to. If you can follow the growth of this shrub down to its origin you might find out if this is the case. There is a bit of information here about plum rootstocks.

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  • Could it be a Greengage? Lovely flavour and very different from a plum. Go very yellow when ripe. 
  • kasjkkasjk Posts: 137
    I actually think I've figure it out... I think it's a Prunus cerasifera, or cherry plum. It comes with either red or yellow fruit that ripen in August so would fit the bill... 

  • can anyone id this
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