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Rose troubleshooting

Hi guys (and especially @Marlorena)

i recently noticed that that a few of my roses’ new shoots appear to have shrilled up with appears almost burnt? Any idea what might be causing it? It doesn’t seem like a typical fungal infection. 


  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 7,851
    @celcius_kkw ... have you been using liquid fertilizer ? you should be of course, but this is what happens usually when too strong a solution is used...fertilizer burn...they blacken and crisp at the edges..  I just pick those end bits off, .. nothing to worry about there, otherwise... 

    ..if you've not been using any fertilizer then I wouldn't know for sure..
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  • @Marlorena

    Yes I’ve used Uncle Tom’s rose tonic recently on the foliage. I do also use liquid fertilisers but I tend to avoid pouring them onto the leaves. I think it makes sense now. 
  • Maybe the dilution of the tonic was at too high a concentration, there are reports it can burn the leaves. 
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