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How do I control this?!

rik_pik1rik_pik1 Posts: 3
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i was gifted this plant from my neighbour. 

Such a a kind gesture but it is really long and spindly and I’m not sure how to prune or help it to be a little more full and ‘green’ 

what do I do.... or what even is it’s official name so I can look it up?? 



  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 28,838
    It's one of the dracaenas.  I suggest you give it a bigger pot with some fresh compost below and round the sides of that rootball.  John Innes no 3 would be best as they like good drainage.  Make sure you soak the rootball in a bucket of water first untl no more bubbles come out and then gently tease out any roots that are stuck going round the pot in spirals.

    They like to be in a well lit position with plenty of sunshine and it will thank you for giving the foliage a regular misting with a spray of water.  It should perk up and may make new shoots or you can risk cutting it back hard next spring and see if it sprouts new shoots on shorter stems once it's feeling healthier and stronger.

    More info here from the RHS - 
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  • That is great - thank you so much! 
    I am not very green fingered but will give it a go! Thanks again! Erica 
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