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Camellia with fruit?


  • Hello all

    While deadheading some other plants I noticed that my Camellia had a small apple like fruit. I’ve had the plant for less than a year, it flowered beautifully in Spring. I know it’s not edible but can it be planted? Has anyone else come across this before? 
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  • Thanks amancalledgeorge. Just looked at your post referring to the Serpentine Gallery too, so interesting. 
  • Cheers @Sunbeam17
    To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow
  • NollieNollie Posts: 7,511
    I recently had one of those too, never seen it on any camellia in the past (including one that was at least 20 years old). I wonder if it was this summer’s hot weather that brought it about?
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  • Funny isn't it...there was another post on it a couple of months back which is why I knew the answer...mine is just setting buds for now.
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  • It’s been warm interspersed with lots of rain too, maybe that encouraged the seedpod . I will wait a while and then have a go at propagating it. It would be great if I could produce another plant ☺️
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