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Habitats for moths and butterflies



  • So many people think (or don't think) the larvae will always find a place to thrive, but if we don't have the knowledge or we don't provide these habitats in our gardens then who will?  With so much building work going on and the destruction of open spaces where wildlife used to thrive we as individuals need to do our bit to keep them alive.
  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 24,302
    THE RHS has lists for pollinators on its websites and a separate one for wildflowers for pollinators divided by site eg short grass, long grass, pond margins, gravel gardens, flower beds and so on - 

    Can't see any mention of whether they're also good for the caterpillar and larvae stages.
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    It’s frustrating that we seem to get lots of articles on helping pollinators which only focus on the feeding side and not how to help provide the right habitat to support their whole life cycle. For example is it enough to have a few weeds around the margins or do we need to think about dedicated patches and if so does size matter?
    Maybe we will begin to see more research and advice emerging.

    its a little like the articles we see on cuttings - they always tell you how to take them and immediate after care until they’ve rooted but few then give detailed advice on growing them and/or how to get a good bushy plant etc
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