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Ryan180680Ryan180680 Posts: 202
Last year I did cut my passionflower back and kept it inside my garage over winter and this year it's really come to life. Problem now is we have knocked down the garage and built an extension so I won't have anywhere to store it inside. Will it be ok outside over winter or is it likely to die back? Are they hardy? 


  • I have had one in the ground for the past 6 years. Survived everything the weather has thrown at it. If yours is in a pot, the roots and smaller growth would probably benefit from some fleece protection through the winter. I find them a very hardy plant in the south of Britain.
  • Ours was outside and grew like a weed. This year the slugs nobbled every shoot so we haven't had any growth all, hoping it'll try again next year  :/
  • I had one which grew against the wall of my house. It was not bothered by severe winters, although the warmth of the house would have protected it somewhat.
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