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Bark strip off Sumac tree will it survive?

Hallo...the winds have knocked my baby Sumac tree... I think it's knocked against a garden chair. This is the trees first year in the ground and is probably 2 years old. I have never had a tree before and I need to stake it in properly. Will my tree survive what should I do? Any help please


  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,145

    How coincidental is that ; Philippa is right , take a look at the above !

  • Agh I thought at the start of the garden it would be ok ... maybe I'll lift it out then. Thanks
  • Oh yes. Planter, beware.
    Someone planted several sumach babies around the perimeter of the local croquet club. Left to their own devices they are now coming up in the drive and smothering other planted trees, rapidly heading towards the immaculate lawns!
    Such a shame as it is a very attractive tree, spectacular in the autumn with its leaf colour changes, but boy, invasive doesn't even begin to descibe it.
  • Oh no it seems a shame to destroy it but I shan't risk it it's only been in the ground nine months or so . Thanks again.!
  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,145
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    A customer of ours grows one in a very large pot using a slightly acidic soil mix .
    The pot stands on limestone-paving so roots cannot invade lawns etc .
    Maybe worth considering instead of destoying it .
    I think that also he lifts out , root-prunes then re-pots it every third year or so ; probably a little too intensive management ; then again he appreciates the autumnal colours .
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