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Lime (fruit) trees quandary

I've just bought a beautiful little Lime from B&Q for a bargain £25. Nice shape, already carrying fruit, very healthy looking. I can find all the advice about looking after it on various specialist sites... BUT does anybody know what variety it is that B&Q are selling? The label just says "Citrus Lime".

As an aside, although the label states " consumption", I understand this is simply so that B&Q don't have to go through the legislative procedure for selling foodstuffs.

Any pointers and tips gratefully received.




  • purplerallimpurplerallim Posts: 4,706
    Mine from a GC are Tahiti lime I think, and as all the GC limes seem to come from the same wholesaler it is probably that one.

    As it is a lime dont treat it like other citrus trees, it needs different care. It needs summer citrus feed nearly all year round once every two weeks, as it is in constant flower/fruit. It needs standing in a dish with gravel in so its feet are not in water, but it has a humid air. Damp not wet soil. The temperature it likes is moderate,  too cold below 10°, too hot above 25°. If it gets either of these it will loose its leaves, but they are hardy and if this happens will bounce back in a few weeks. If it's too hot misting the leaves do help. Sounds alot of care but it is surprisingly easy to look after, after four years in which mine has grown from 18 to 36 inches tall ( with pruning of long limbs) I have had many limes with a bumper crop this summer 30 to date with as many little ones and flowers again ( btw the lime is self regulating and will drop excess flowers and fruitlets but still give a good harvest)
    Hope this is helpful, enjoy your lime, and if you get a glut there is always lime curd to make.😁
  • Thanks Purpleallim! That's REALLY useful information :-)
  • purplerallimpurplerallim Posts: 4,706
    You are very welcome  @brian stoat  If you have any more questions please come back and ask.😁
  • Just wondering Purpleralim, what feed do you use? There seem to be a lot of options. Not keen on the idea of the one from Citrus Centre cos it sounds almost as if they're just brewing up their own comfrey and sending it out to be diluted by the customer. Vitax looks like a good option as far as I can see, but great to get a recommendation...
  • purplerallimpurplerallim Posts: 4,706
    This is what I have always used a crystalised powder.
     A teaspoon full per 2 litres, mine being quite a big plant it takes 2 to 3 watering to use this much, yours being smaller would use alot less so maybe make up half that much and water over a couple of days every two weeks.😁
  • @brian stoat just to say I've got the Citrus Centre feed and it comes in powder form that needs to be diluted in the bottle to make it ready to use. Make sense really I stead of sending out that weight in water. Any commercial citrus food should do the job. 
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  • Thanks for those recommendations. I’ll be looking forward to getting some fruits ripening for use. I’m keeping the plant outdoors for now and planning on keeping in the greenhouse over winter. I have a friend whose lemon tree seems fine in their in heated summerhouse through winter, so assume I’ll be ok with our heater set to keep the frost off.
  • purplerallimpurplerallim Posts: 4,706
    It might be ok if you can keep it frost free and up to near or above 10° as possible,  you will soon know as it will soon loose its leaves if it doesn't like it. I keep mine in the conservatory. 
  • Thank you so much for your help. We usually try to keep the greenhouse at 7 degrees upwards, overwintering various things. Another couple of degrees wouldn’t hurt though👍🏻
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