• HarrersHarrers Posts: 48
    Hi Ceres 
    Thats very true , I often try and grow something new each year, some are more successful then others 
  • Intrigued to know what the Furry Toms are - leaves and fruit both furry ?

    Agree it's fun to try different things but a furry tomato ???

    Do you know where the seed came from and any provenance ?  

    Interesting  :)
  • HarrersHarrers Posts: 48
    yes both the fruit and the leaves are really soft to touch , I really like it - I think i got the seeds from America - gonna try and save some seeds from the tomatoes- I think it was furry red boar - the name of the plant . I like to grow different colours of tomatoes not the standard red ones . 
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