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Can someone please tell me.

I want to order some bulbs but don't know the name of one of them. The flower comes up first before the leave and it looks a bit like a crocus. I'm not sure but think it might be a woodland bulb. I'd really like to have this in a new area I'm making. Thanks for any help.


  • Colchicum?
  • That's the one micearguers thanks so much. I've been walking around all morning and couldn't think of it. Now on wanted list. Thanks again.
  • You're welcome @NannaBoo I'm more often in your situation than this one where I'm able to give the answer!
  • I am grateful it's been driving me mad all morning trying to think of the name. Just phoned the Garden Center and they have some in stock on offer so I asked them to put three by for me along with Colchicum waterlily and other thing I want. They know me there as my friend works there so alway help me by doing this. Off out now to collect all the items, which of course includes more plants. Thanks again.
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