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    And in case any of us feel a tad exhausted after our efforts in the garden, we have this which is apparently in next month’s issue of a famous fashion magazine :

    ...Weirdest wellness trend: Inhaling and exhaling is the key to wellbeing. That, and a £4,ooo, seven-night stay at an Indonesian resort which offers breathing workshops....

    Bet you never thought of breathing as helping wellbeing. Must go on a workshop for it.

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    Good Evening All, it’s been a very warm day here and it’s sounds like some of you have been doing some really hard graft. 
    Lily, hope your new little man is getting on well, what a lovely way to spend the day with your grandchildren,
    LB hope the party plans are coming along nicely do you organise games for these event too?, well done on your quiz night coming 4th was excellent 👏
    Runners tackling a rambling Rose is no mean feat as they really do fight back, are these your potatoes over the wall?!? 🤔😀
    Rubee you did well to remove the whole climbing hydrangea, must have been real sense of satisfaction getting that all out, 
    Hazel, you put your grass man to good use are you happy with your pot arrangement? Sorry to hear about the nasty cat business, that’s certainly not a welcome visit,
    Joyce I like the idea of seated gardening, it’s a good vantage point for spotting and pottering in the raised areas of garden,
    Ante sorry to hear you’ve had aches and pains, I hope you’ve had a more relaxed day today,
    PF hope all is going well with your visitors,
    TB very organised with your paperwork sorting and filing, I hope you got outside to play for a while, 
    Lants I just took one big one when I saw the cost do you think that counts 😂
    As you can see I’m back on form  & it’s my wedding anniversary tomorrow 22 years! It was swelteringly hot on the day but the forecast is not so good, never mind we will go out somewhere to celebrate 🎉
    Hello to Rebecca, Debs, Chey, Pauline and any others I’ve neglected to mention, hope you are all ok 🙂
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    Accompanied Dad to the hospital this afternoon, needed a lay down afterwards.  Quite a hot day.  Lily it's good you can spend time with the baby.    Joyce it's good that you can sit down and garden and hear nature.  Lants expensive.   Chive hope you have a cooler evening.  Pansy hope things are okay with little cat.  Topbird hope you've managed to catch a break today.  LB Res 82 things do move quickly.  I've changed into my pyjamas and settled in for the evening.
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    Lants, I already do different types of inhaling and exhaling ranging from gentle to puffing and panting and it doesn't cost me a penny.  Some people have more money than sense.

    Chive, most of my gardening is done from a sitting or kneeling position as my leg gives way after standing for fifteen minutes.  The neighbours are now used to seeing me sitting pruning etc.

    Hope you sleep well tonight Rebecca after a tiring day.
    SW Scotland
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    I'm signing out for tonight people. See you all tomorrow.
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    Cacoethes: An irresistible urge to do something inadvisable
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    Night LB.  pleased you had a good day.

    LANTS.  Iv just used £50 worth reading back.  More money than sense.  Daft b........s.

    HAZEL.  I hate a cats calling card too, makes me heave.  Having pebbles, not gravel,  on most of the garden now has stopped the cats using it as a toilet.  Iv had cats myself but can’t stand cat poo in the garden.  I always seemed to have picked it up before Iv realised what it is. 

    CHIVE.  Glad that your neck is sorting itself out.  🤣🤣and yes, they are my own spuds.   In my last house there were potato fields all around.  When they were at the bottom of our garden I used to go down with a bucket and pick up all the ones that the machine had missed or were to small to be picked up.   The farmer knew, honest ! 🤣  I’m going in for the OAP high jump at the Olympics.   Must start training.  🤾🏻‍♀️🤸🏿‍♂️🏋🏻‍♂️🚴🏻‍♀️

    RUBEE. 🏆 Well done on getting that Hydrangea out.   It becomes a mission doesn’t it.  Triumph at last.   

    JOYCE.  Good idea sitting down gardening.   Do you think I could garden from a prone position ?  e.g.  a mattress. 

    SGL.  Helllloooo, are you awake or have you dropped off again on the sofa ? ☺️. Wouldn’t blame you after your day with the Popetts. 

    Its still very warm here.  Only just closed the patio doors.   I can’t believe we are in for some awful storms.   

    Goodnight everyone.  
    Sleep tight.

  • ChivetalkingChivetalking Leigh-on-seaPosts: 541
    Goodnight All, sleep
    well 🌜
  • star gaze lilystar gaze lily Posts: 12,525 guessed right RB........just woken up on the sofa 😳😳 
    Night night everyone, sweet dreams.
    Must get some sleep, helping new mummy tomorrow with new grandson 🤗🤗 
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    edited 8 August
    Hello all.

    Well, I survived day one.

    A five mile walk in what turned out to be quite humid sunshine.

    Followed by a rather too generous lunch.

    Followed by the bus home, thank goodness.

    Sat outside all afternoon, to please the guests, though I would rather have sat indoors where it was much cooler. Ho hum.

    Then I had to make an evening meal. Almost forgotten how as we rarely cook these days.

     Seemed to meet with approval. Or perhaps they were just being polite. Or too pissed to care.

    Then all the washing up. I being the only stone cold sober one left standing.

    So they have all disappeared to their beds and I am only just going to mine.

    Too old for this malarkey.

    Never mind, we might all get washed away in the overnight storms.  Maybe I should just have laid all the washing up out on the patio...😁
    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
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    Image result for stormy day clipart images
    Morning all. Well all is going exactly according to forecast. Question - can I get to the greenhouse to water the tomatoes and cucumbers without getting blown away? If you do not hear from me again later to day please send search parties out.
    I do hope that all of you have safe days today. I wonder if M-U will be retiring to the mini world of the toy museum?

    Cacoethes: An irresistible urge to do something inadvisable
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