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Monty's plug polanting trowel



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  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 28,846
    I have ordinary Wolf trowels which work well for most jobs but, when the soil is harder and drier (happens a lot here) my Sneeboer with the completely flat blade works better.  However, for small planting holes for bulbs and plugs or for removing things like dandelions with long tap roots, Wolf do a very good, narrow trowel just over 2" wide which I use a lot too.
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  • Thanks for all the helpful suggestions.
  • Reluctant_GardenerReluctant_Gardener Posts: 284
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    It's a Hoss tools digging knife. SKU: HDT052 They are a smallholders' supplier.
    I was looking at those and seeders a few months ago but wasn't keen on postage, let alone giving away money to the state for customs. It looks more robust than a hori hori (depends on the tang, how much metal there is and the interface with the handle).
  • Perhaps rebadged OEM  which a number of sellers market as their own as I see see someone has posted Lesche.
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