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When we first moved to our bungalow, ten years ago, it was a very sad looking garden, mostly grass and very few flowers. So the first thing we did, apart from bringing most of our garden with us from our house and planting everything, was to put in some lupins, the ground is clay, a bit of a shock after being used to chalk. The lupins went crazy and grew so big, they almost took over the garden, I thought then that maybe having lupins might be given a miss the following year.

Well, I've now turned the whole garden into a cottage garden and when we've finished I will send in a photo.

But, I decided to grow lupins again, a good old fashioned cottage garden plant, but they don't want to grow. I've purchased six so far and only two have survived and one is looking very sorry for itself. Any ideas pleas as to why they don't want to grow now and how I can sort the problem out, I've followed by the book how to plant them etc, but things just don't look hopeful at the moment. :|


  • AstroAstro Posts: 419
    Slugs and snails often strip them until they are well developed. They also can get powdery mildew and can get aphids too.

    Mine newly planted ones all battled with these issues, established ones at the allotment also had these issues but grew well without seeming to be troubled. Lupins are well discussed on this forum, I found lots of useful information.
  • GwenrGwenr Posts: 150
    The leaves are not being touched, but they just seem to shrivel and die.
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