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Passion Flower

I bought a pasdion flower 2 werks ago.if was really healthy looking  with 2 open  flowers and  many buds.i planted it in south facing border  close to a wall. Watered it well fed it following werkeng with tomato feed. i noticed lower leaves were eaten by slugs and now leaves are dying have died buds empty.Wilted despite  watering alt days due to no rain
Should i dig it up and place in pot to try and resuscitate it or di you think i have lost it for good.


  • LynLyn Posts: 21,397
    I think the dead bits are a result of the stems either being chewed or broken, you could pull out the dead bits,  I wouldn’t dig it up, it will toughen up as it gets better established. They don’t need feeding, I’ve had one for years, all I do is cut it right down in the Spring and up it comes again,
    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

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