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can you identify this insect?

I found this on my cocosmia leaves. Any idea what it is?


  • It looks like a Jersey Tiger whose wings failed to open properly when it emerged from the pupa.
  •  Wow! Thank you. I've never seen this one before.  Should I try to protect it, although I'm not sure how.
  • This is how a normal Jersey Tiger Moth should look - I am not sure what to suggest for your poor little visitor @lizzykincaide if it can't fly it seems cruel to leave the poor moth but everything has a purpose and all I can say is to put it in a safe, cool place.
  • I haven't seen one of these in our garden for decades, but one was feeding on some flowers in the daytime only a couple of weeks ago. If it cannot fly, it should walk on your finger, where you could put it on some nectar-rich flowers. I did the same thing with a Hoverfly that had flown into the house; it stayed on my finger while I unlocked the door to the garden and put it on some flowers. Or you can make up a dilute sugar solution on some absorbent material. You should see the Moth's proboscis (tongue) unwind as it drinks.

  • Thanks Mike, I'll give it a go.
  • I gave it sugar water on tissue then moved it on its leaf to a shrub and it climbed up to the flower. 🤗
  • That's brilliant!
    You can also try watered-down Honey, and I've read that, other than nectar, they also suck on honeydew and juices of decaying fruit.

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