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we have about 150 roses and find spraying with rose clear is very expensive.  Is there a place where I can buy the same product in bulk?  Thank you


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    i really wouldn't put your email as a title for a question, not unless you want loads of unwanted emails are there are some spammers that visit this site occasionally
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    First of all you need to edit your post to remove your email address which should never be posted on an open forum.  Replace it with a meaningful title.

    I can't think of anyone here who would use Roseclear.   If your roses are well grown in good soil and get a feed in spring and a mulch in autumn then they should be healthy enough to battle diseases and pests such as aphids will be hoovered up by predators such as lacewing, ladybirds and their larvae as well as sparows and tits who feed them to their young.  Be patient and let nature find a balance as sprays kill the good guys too.

    Failing that, try google.

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    I've not sprayed roses in over 30 years and so no point in it.
    Save the money you'd spend on it and invest in compost bins.
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    maybe someone will turn up with an advert for something in a minute :) 

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