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new house landscaping ideas please!



  • Removed all dead plants moss and weeds from side path last weekend and just put some basalt down looks much tidier not got any before pics but it was awful.
    Just want Side paths almost maintenance free so I can keep the rear looking so good! 

    This is the plan we've gond with 
    The curved area being almost a cottage feel area and the rest being quite formal (straight sharp lines) 
    Will be added the pergola / garden room at a later date but putting the base in now 
    Porcelain 20mm paving should be here this week so if we get put on lock down with Corona it will keep me busy! 

    2 questions: 
    1- does anyone have any suggestions for a really dark black decorative stone we want to use this to edge the grey porcelain slabs but black basalt is virtually grey apart from when wet. 
    2- does anyone have any recommendations for some good looking take topiary trees, we have bought 2 pots for our front door but it's north facing and under a pretty deep porch so I don't think anything real is going to do well placed there unfortunately.

    Also any tips on fixing sleepers into position? Was thinking drilling through the base layer and knocked rebar into the ground then using timberlock screws to screw the second course to the first 


  • A few progress pics 
    Almost ready for laying the patio ! Went for 20mm grigio grey porcelain 600mmx600mm 
    Still looking for a nice dark black decorative gravel to border the patio 
    Unsure whether to do the raised bit in porcelain or block paving for abit of contrast

  • Most recent pics I have 
    Lawn looks loads better now and patio has table and chairs and all potted out 
    Decking pergola floor this weekend
  • Impressive progress! Will be lovely to see it green up now :-) 

    What is the design program you’re using please, it looks great. 
  • ThebigeasyThebigeasy Posts: 190
    Very nice, well done.
  • Impressive progress! Will be lovely to see it green up now :-) 

    What is the design program you’re using please, it looks great. 
     It's home design 3d an app on Google play store ! Was great to see the extension area in 3d view before it was built 

  • Gunna deck the floor of the pergola and I'm just short on the black basalt gravel! 
    Eventually will border the lawn up the top and add bird bath and other things but nice to just enjoy it after all the hard work now! Projector screen going inside the pergola too :) 
  • Anyone got any ideas on what to do under the front of the connifers to tidy it up? 
    Wanting to edge the whole lawn with leftover block pavers as the grass doesn't grow right up to the connifers and looks crap 
    Is there anything that will grow in a border round it or should I just gravel it ? 
    Wanted bark but it costs a fortune ! 
  • Just made 2 circular lawns up top and looking at planting round the edges up with some bark in-between will try get some pics uploaded
  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,717
    That house is huge landscaping seriously posh, are you a millionaire!! Can I ask where (, roughly,) you are?
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