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My garden has yet again gone through some changes. During winter some things got broken and bashed, my cane arches withstood a lot until the trampoline got thrown from its corner by the wind and crushed them! So the trampoline remains where the arches were, my once grassed area being underneath it and a path (unfinished) rerouted around the trampoline (I will be breaking up the flags to continue the crazy paving. I now have a greenhouse where the trampoline had been, a gazebo frame that my sister was throwing out is acting as a support for climbers but along that wall which is a mess I plan to do a bonsai landscape display. I had to have my silver birch by the pond cut down as it kept swaying dangerously in strong winds and I've also cut 2 willows at the back of the pond right down. I feel a little exposed now but it was hard to keep them under control to keep the neighbours happy :/ and also a bamboo right in the corner that I'm going to attempt to dig out. Where I'd left bare for a conservatory I'm in the process of making 'Dragon Corner' instead. I'd like to use the space on the flat roof of the outhouse too. My garden's theme is perhaps a bit confused because I want it to be jungly but then there are certain plants that don't fit in but I love them, I have too many plants with no space and also I feel in a bit of limbo because we may move home in 2 years and I don't want to plant certain loved plants in the ground to find they got too big for me to dig up and take with me. I think we just need to buy a field with a hut on it so I have room for my plants :)
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