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Ideas for SE facing bed

jamesharcourtjamesharcourt Posts: 465
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Searching for ideas again.

This corner of my garden faces south east. Maybe a bit more east and south. Full sun right up until about 2 pm… dappled a little after that and then shade for maybe 3 or 4 pm. Large Yew and Laurel nearby.

I sowed wildflowers there last autumn which looked good this summer but went leggy and stretched out looking for the sun. I’m thinking of putting a woodland mix in at the back of the area and a sun wildflower mix at the front. Also to put some shrubs in there. Any ideas?


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 82,740
    I don’t think that’s teally wide/deep enough to do much with ... anything you plant there is going to be seriously impacted by those big shrubs.  

    I’d increase the depth by at least another metre, then you’ve got a bed with some potential 😊 
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  • LadyG2LadyG2 Posts: 29
    I agree with Dove's comment . Shrubs would not do so well under there.
    I have a clients garden border that is the same aspect, I have just taken larger shrubs out and cut others back hard in order for some roses to do better. I can't widen the bed because it borders the driveway. The roses were almost growing out horizontal! If you don't want to widen the border, I would try some low growing perennials, Tiarellas, Epimedium, Astrantia, Alchemila Mollis, hardy geraniums seem to do well anywhere.
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