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Over wintering plants

Joy*Joy* Posts: 571
Hi there everyone. I know that it might be a bit premature, but I'm planning ahead.  Last year I came across Dichondra Silver Falls and used it in hanging baskets.  I took it to be an annual and decided that it wasn't expensive to buy new ones when I refilled the baskets this year. My garden centre never had any but I managed to get 4 plants from a market stall. It is really lovely,  being really silvery and furry to touch. Does anyone have any experience of keeping it until next year? If you do, how should I go about it please? Currently, it is about 4 feet long and still growing! 


  • Loraine3Loraine3 Posts: 558
    edited August 2019
    Not sure what this plant is like but most foliage hanging basket plants can be over wintered as cuttings.
  • LadyG2LadyG2 Posts: 29
    Its is a tender perennial, but usually grown as an annual.
    You can over winter it by moving it to a frost free area, greenhouse, conservatory etc.
    Good luck!
  • Joy*Joy* Posts: 571
    Thank you for your advice. I don't want to trust to luck next year. It's really tactile. My fuchsias are looking a bit sad at the moment but they are developing the next flush. The photograph doesn't either plant justice. 
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