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Clematis and Jasmine die back

This Clematis cirrhosa 'Jingle Bells' (clematis (group 1) and jasmine were planted two years ago, have grown happily covering the arch until June. I saw some leaves bleaching white then turning brown. I thought we had a few black fly aphids so I sprayed with soapy water. I can't see the aphids anymore but the plants are continuing to wilt and die. They are watered every other day and daily during hot spells.The very ends are still green. Do I cut it all down and start again? Can they be saved? They are still staked at their bases and they are tied with plant ties to the arch frame. Grateful for any of your tips and insights. 


  • Here's another picture to help. 
  • The leaves and stems form these brown mottles before they bleach white and then brown and then die. 
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    The photos are a bit confusing. Not easy to work out which is which. Avoid spraying anything on leaves when the sun is out. The leaves will burn and eventually dry out like what I see on the arch. You can thin out bits but I would be patient and continue to water the base only in the evenings or early mornings. Any brittle stems, you can prune off, but I don't think you need to do much for now. 

    The issues at the earlier part of the year could be a number of things, but very unlikely to kill your climbers. They may stunt their growth or spoil the leaves a bit which is probably best to prune out leaves that appear damaged or bleached instead. Spraying climbers on an arch like that is almost an impossible task.
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