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Salvia advice please

last year hubby brought home a spindly twig with some pretty red flowers... it was a baby salvia. So this year the baby is huge, however the flowers seem pretty much spent and a lot of the foliage is yellowing.

should I wait and trim in autumn or spring, or give it a haircut now? There is loads of beautiful bushy new growth closer to the bottom, so cut out the old to let the new flourish?


  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,327
    I would cut back to the new growth , do you know what variety of salvia you have ? red Bumble ? 
  • Thanks perki. No idea what the variety is. Hubby came home with a tiny planter with three plants in it, 2 very poorly annuals and this pretty bright red salvia. After rescuing it from the tiny planter with no drainage! I potted it up and eventually moved it into a deep wooden planter where it is thriving. Probably not supposed to be a terrace plant at all but seems happy never the less. I’ll take a pickie tomorrow perhaps someone will identify it.
  • floraliesfloralies Posts: 2,205
    I have a few salvias in containers but most are in the ground. You can cut off all the flower spikes that have finished flowering and give a weak feed to them. I only feed the ones in the containers once or twice during the summer to help them along. The ones ones in the ground don't get fed at all. Hopefully you should get more flowers!
  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,683
    If you cut it back now, you can make lots of new babies. Cutting are very easy.
  • Oh i like the idea of taking cuttings.... probably for others as I don’t have much space .
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