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Sidalcea ... pruning/deadheading

FoxiesFoxies Posts: 60
A question please - I have Sidalcea (Party Girl I think it is) which is blooming beautifully. Do I deadhead as the flowers start to go over - if so, do I cut just below the dead flower spike or take the whole stem to the ground. Will it give a second flush? 


  • HazybHazyb Posts: 336
    • Garden care: Cut the stems back hard to ground level after flowering to encourage a second flush. Apply a deep, dry mulch of straw or bracken around the crown of the plant in autumn. Lift and divide congested colonies in spring
    I found the above. Hope it helps. :) 
  • chickychicky Posts: 10,328
    I dead head like HazyB, but I’ve never got a second flush.  I think that is because they flower quite late anyway - mine have just started - so there is not enough time for them to get going again before the colder weather comes and the days get shorter.  However, I still love growing them for their display right now 💕
  • HazybHazyb Posts: 336
    Mine is just flowering now too. It is extremely pretty ( first time growing).

  • FoxiesFoxies Posts: 60
    edited August 2019
    Thank you for your replies ... I didn't do anything to them last year after flowering (their first year) except to cut them back to ground level in autumn. I thought, perhaps this is why they didn't come again. Mine started flowering a week or so ago Chicky. They've spread a little - quite nicely. I shall follow your advice re. the straw HazyB - thank you and shall have to have a rethink of what to place in front of them. (and that's a very pretty pale pink HazyB)
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