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Poorly camilia

I have several camilias, they all flowered this spring and look lovely and healthy. Except this one.... 


  • It has pale, discoloured, raggedy leaves with holes in and it didn't flower this year. 
    Can anyone identify what's wrong and whether it can be saved? 
  • I'm not surprised this poor camelia didn't flower...looks terrible. The structure of the plant looks very messy, but it looks like a very mature specimen. Air circulation must be limited in the centre... I'd guess a fungal condition...but I've only grown them intermittently. Let's see what anyone with more experience will have to say.
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  • LynLyn Posts: 22,004
    These respond very well to being sawed down to the ground. You could try that, it would get rid of all the chewed, mouldy cross over branches. 
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