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Help identifying a plant

HellieHellie Posts: 2
Hello, could anybody tell me what this is? Thanks!


  • PeggyTXPeggyTX Posts: 556
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    Looks very much like Ailanthus altisima (Tree of Heaven) or one of the varieties of sumac.  Not sure, but if it is, it is very invasive both by seed and underground root suckers.  We have them here in Texas.  I hear if you cut one down, bunches of new plants will pop up off spreading root runners underground.  Luckily I've never had one in my lawn, but saw one Staghorn Sumac on the property adjacent to our rural cabin property 60 miles away (luckily not near the cabin though). 
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    Welcome to the forums!
    It is Sorbaria sorbifolia Sems.

    Tree of Heaven is quite rare in is a fast growing tree.

    The leaves on it have a tiny bump..a gland.
    Leaves are very different...see post below

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  • Silver surferSilver surfer Posts: 4,461
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    Tree of

    Perthshire. SCOTLAND .
  • HellieHellie Posts: 2
    Thanks very much! Yes it's definitely the Sorbaria 😀
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