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Black spot - Hawthorn

Hi there

I'm about to plant a young hawthorn (Common) in the same spot where another hawthorn (Paul's Scarlett) was removed. The Paul's Scarlett had leaf black spot.

Is there a chance that the black spot fungus remains in the soil? Should it be amended?




  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687
    Very unlikely. It's more important the tree/shrub is well planted and you lay a new thick mulch over after planting. Some plants are more prone to it, but generally, warm excess wet weather makes for the perfect breeding ground for black spot, and easier for it to transfer onto plants.

    Careful pruning to keep branches less congested and remove leaves around the base each year will reduce the chances of it re-appearing should black spot happen.
  • Thanks very much for the reply, Borderline.

    Will add new mulch to the area after planting and let you know how it goes. Really appreciate your advice.

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