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Tree lilies

After planting tree lilies in the garden 2018 8 of them grew about 4ft high with a very thin stalk that needed a stake, some had 1 flower others had up to 3. Not really knowing what to do when they died, I cropped them off at ground level thinking that will be the end of that. Much to my surprise and delight 6 of them grew with stems needing no support, almost 6ft high and up to 12 blooms on each, the other 2 shot out with 3 and 4 what I would refer to as shoots flying out in every direction and not growing upright more like a weed. Now all the heads have gone but leaves looking green and healthy I would like to know what I shoud do to all 8 plants to have a repeat show next year. Thanks for any help whatsoever. Bill


  • StevedaylillyStevedaylilly Posts: 1,102
    it doesn’t seems as if your doing much wrong with your Tree Lillys based on their performance 
    But just as a check all Lillys, including Tree Lilly’s normally require a good sunny site and well drained soil. I have about 4 in my garden and after 12 months as bulbs have just started to flower. After flowering you should leave the foliage until it goes brown then cut back to ground level. This allows the leafs to feed the bulbs for next years flowering.
    I normally give mine a tomato feed once they start showing new growth as this will normally encourage strong flowering 

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