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greenhouse newbie needs advice

Hi all,
I am so excited because I will be having a green house for the first time ever.

I am considering Woodpecker for an 8x14 lean to against a 3m high south facing wall. As it will be surrounded by a gravel garden I am having it built on a dwarf wall.

My question is, how high should this wall be? 

My initial idea was 90cm high so I can hide bags of compost pots etc but I'm concerned that I could be losing valuable light and space across the length. So would 30cm or 60cm be a better compromise?



  • Forester_PeteForester_Pete DevonPosts: 97
    I had a wall about 30cm in my last greenhouse and wished it was more. Being tall I appreciated all the head room I could get. Will make the next one a bit higher.
  • PosyPosy Isle of Wight.Posts: 2,275
    I had to have a wall for my lean-to greenhouse and it is fine for concealing bags of compost and stuff but it does restrict light for low plants so I would aim for as low a wall as possible. Good luck with your greenhouse - they're great!
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