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Last spring our 30 year old wysteria had loads of buds. We had the house hot water pressure washered which apppears to have killed the buds. Underneath the bark, the wysteria is green and very much alive and in places has come to life very well. The majority looks dead. When we pruned it last autumn we took out ca. 80% dead wood some of which had woodworm(!) but we want advice as to how to proceed please?


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    I'm not sure if I know exactly what you're looking for.  It would be helpful to know where you are and to have a photograph of the Wisteria.

    General thoughts: It could be Wisteria scale rather than woodworm, I think it's easily treatable.  Wisteria can be hard-pruned (winter is best) so that might be an option for recovery once you've solved the other problem.

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    Well, I think I'd throw a paddy if someone hot water pressure washed me!   Living tissue doesn't like that kind of thing.

    If it's showing signs of life and new shoots, leave well alone for a month or so and then prune back bare stems to a live leaf node.  Then at least it will have some foliage making food from sunlight to feed the roots and keep them going.

    Other than that, wait till January or February on a day when it is not frosty and no frosts are forecast and then prune back to a reasonable shape.   In March, when things are a bit warmer, give it a good feed with slow release tomator or rose feed and an instant tonic of liquid tomato feed and cross your fingers that it will live and thrive.
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