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What's wrong with my rose and how do I fix it?



  • Thanks  - I agree! There's no point in buying such a beautiful plant, only to leave it in a small, ugly plastic pot that doesn't provide for its needs and causes it to be diseased or wilt!
    I'm treating it as its blackspot so have cut off the infected parts with sterilised secateurs. I also noticed these tiny sac-like things appearing on the surface of the soil beneath it that didn't seem to be there when I watered it a couple of days prior to noticing the blackspot.
    Don't know if they are related to the rose's condition or what they are (could even be off something else  in my or my neighbor's garden). Any thoughts?  
  • B3B3 Posts: 27,345
    Looks like slow release fertiliser. Pop one to check.
    In London. Keen but lazy.
  • It might be - would make sense if some has been mixed into the potting soil before I bought it. Although when I popped it earlier it was a sort of wet, white fibrous material inside, whereas some slow release fertilisers tend to be hard dry balls (at least when still in the tub) don't they?
  • ToadyToady Posts: 56
    I'd concur that it is fertiliser, also use a soil based compost when you pot it on. 
    Most modern Roses have been bred with good resistance to fungal infections but a stressed plant will be more susceptible. Fungal infections are due to climatic conditions and almost cannot be avoided so good plant health is important. 
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