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Saved seeds

Ann Ennis2Ann Ennis2 Posts: 50
I have saved seeds from both Sweet William and Wallflower. Id it a good or bad idea to sow them now? An old empty packet of Sweet William seeds indicates sowing from February to April, but if the seeds self sow it must be this sort of time of year.. Anyone had sucess at odd times?


  • karen paulkaren paul Posts: 230
    I just leave my sweet Williams to self seed which is about this time as some of them have just finished flowering. The display of them gets bigger and better every year. So in my opinion yes it is ok to sow them now, I often break the rules, our British weather doesn't seem to adhere to our seed sowing plans, lol. If you have lots of seed maybe you can sow some and hold onto some just incase things don't go to plan. 
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