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    Not quite the haul of the rest heat of you, but I’m delighted with my first Charlottes Iv dug up this morning.  I love the smell of the soil around them.    Lots of Toms to come, Runner beans and salad.   Love growing veg.  

    Lovely veg pictures from you all.   

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    That's a nice amount of potatoes there @1Runnybeak1 I have now dug up 4 plants and harvested nearly 9lb . Also my black cherry tomatoes are doing well, 85 picked to date.
  • Hi All

    Here is my first pickings of "Polestar" runner beans and "Burpless" cucumber. With a lot more to come I am pleased to say.

    Happy eating 

    Jolly G
  • bookmonsterbookmonster Posts: 337
    The cosse violette beans are really prolific, and the baby corn seem determined to be ready individually
  • purplerallimpurplerallim LincolnshirePosts: 1,870
    We are all starting to harvest now.😁
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  • sonia35515sonia35515 Posts: 7
    Our tomato harvest, a mixture of tomato types!
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    My most successful carrot harvest ever.  There are more where they came from.

  • purplerallimpurplerallim LincolnshirePosts: 1,870
    Mine are like that @josusa47 😁 I even managed a second planting so have succession,  a first for me.😁

    Nice toms @sonia35515 are they going to be eaten or cooked?

     Yesterday was given quail eggs, now musing what to do with them, never cooked quail eggs.🤔
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    My very first evey home grown tomato, it's the only ripe one but lots more to come. I had to try it to make sure it tasted good and it did. Yum.

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