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Lily ID

LucidLucid Posts: 385
Hi everyone,

We've got a seemingly self seeded lily which has managed to grow up from under the fenceline, despite our neighbours not having any lilies on the other side. I was just curious if anyone knew what type it is? In the first photo it's on the right side of the photo:

It didn't flower for the first couple of years when we spotted the leaves there, so we attempted to dig out what we could, but being under the fenceline it's impossible to remove. Last year we had a couple of flowers from it so decided to leave it alone. This year there have been many more flowers, although each one is quite short lived so I'm wondering if it's a type of daylily. I like to keep a record of all of the plants in the garden so if anybody happens to recognise the type and name it'd be much appreciated.

Lucid :)


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