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weird brown spots


Please forgive me not being too specific, but it's my first post on this forum and, to put it gently, I am yet to become experienced at gardening :D

My friend has developed a lot of dark brown/red spots and became dark along the nerves. I thought that perhaps it's rust, but I don't know. Could someone help with what kind of infection it may be, if any? Can the plant be cured if most of the leaves have those spots?

I attached images of infected and clean leaves for comparison.



  • mrtjformanmrtjforman Posts: 331
    hmm, haven't seen the plant or the exact problem before but plants are all very similar in their needs so I am going to tip on a nutrient deficiency in part caused by the plant outgrowing its pot.

    Like said I don't know what plant you have, how big it gets or what kind of care it needs but it looks to be getting quite big in relation to the pot. If lots of roots are poking out the bottom when you lift it then it might benefit from a bigger pot.

    It might need a bit of weak plant food but nutrients can get locked out by water with a wrong ph for the plant also. If you can't check your ph, stick with feeding rain water over tap water as tap water is usually very alkaline.

    Feed some kind of general plant/tomato feed but start in the lowest dose on the package -since it is indoors it does not receive full sun light and too much nutrients is worse than too little- after a week or so if no improvement is seen you can increase the dose.
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