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Killing a large Tree of Heaven

I had a large Tree of Heaven cut down about 3 years ago and it appeared to die. Last year and now currently it's obviously not dead and is throwing up suckers up to 30 feet away. Glyphosate kills them but obviously they keep coming up. About 2 weeks ago I drilled some 13mm holes all over the top and around lower down to a depth of about 10" and have been filling them with neat Clinic Up, salt and vinegar, alternating in places. The suckers are still coming up so I plan (hopefully tomorrow) to cut horizontally about a 12" slice off the top to see how green the wood is and then I'll drill down further and repeat the above. But I know some of you may have better or alternative advice, so I'd be very pleased to hear from you! The cut surface is about 30" across by the way.
Sincere thanks.


  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 28,396
    Had to google this tree whose botanical name is ailanthus altissima.  It seems it's classed as an invasive species in the USA and one site offers this advice for dealing with those runners 

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  • Thank you Obelixx. I had already found this but thought I would post here anyway. Looks like I need to get busy. Thanks for your reply.
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