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Can anyone identify this plant?

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  • fiba10914fiba10914 Posts: 18
    I inherited this lovely plant when I bought my house, it's grown huge and has little purple flowers on it. The purple flowers seems to have now all lost their petals and I'm not sure how I should prune it as really I don't want it getting any bigger 

    Thanks all
  • fiba10914fiba10914 Posts: 18

  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,147
    Yes, l'd go with hebe. There are so many varieties, but maybe someone can pin it down. 
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    Just cut the stems back to a pair of good leaves as soon as flowering finishes.  That will keep it in shape.

    Looks like you have a nice bindweed trying to invade too.  Trace the stems back to the ground and cut them off then leave to dry out completely in the sun before they go anywhere near a compost heap.   Keep an eye out for new shoots.   It is relentless but regular removal of all its foliage will eventually weaken the roots without chemicals that could damage plants you wish to keep.
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