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Looking after bulbs

Peggy7Peggy7 Posts: 34

I have dug up some bulbs I have in an area of my garden because I am having some work done and I do not want to loose these bulbs.  The work will be about one month to complete before I can put them back into the ground.  How should I store them until I can replant them again?


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,526
    What bulbs are they? Snowdrops do not like being out of the ground for long, if they dry out they will not flower next year. Snowdrop bulbs I would pack in some peat or jus damp multipurpose compost.  Daffodils can be kept in a dry dark place and then replant before the end of the year. Planting in September is favoured if you want good flowers next year.
  • Peggy7Peggy7 Posts: 34
    Thank you very much for the advice! They are miniature Daffodils.  That’s a relief they will be okay!
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