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Amsterdam forcing 3 carrots problem

Hi all

These are my Amsterdam forcing 3 seedlings which were sown a few weeks ago. Germinated beautifully. They are indoors, conservatory window (I am yet to harden them off for outdoors). 

Now the problem is for the past few days they wont stand up straight! They largely seem healthy otherwise, they just wont stay upright. To be honest their stems look very weak and thin but I've never seen carrot seedlings before...

Is this because they really need to be outside right now and are getting leggy? Or have I been under/over watering? I am watering almost everyday (especially through the heatwave we just had) but I dont water until the water runs from the bottom (yet). I water when the soil has dried out a little but not gone lighter in colour.

Any ideas? Many thanks for your thoughts. 


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,446
    Carrots should be outside. Inside is too hot and not enough light.
  • Sabina13Sabina13 Posts: 113
    So I just checked, its been 3 weeks today since sowing the seeds and they germinated after about 10 days. I thought it would be okay to have them indoors for another few days atleast before spending the end of the week hardening them off? 
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