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Amelanchier problem - please help

Can anyone advise me what the problem with my Amelanchier is? Is it powdery mildew? If so can I use “fungus clear ultra” or will this be harmful for bees/birds give there are berries and flowers in spring? Thank me in advance. 


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  • LoxleyLoxley NottinghamPosts: 4,961
    Probably lack of water causing this. Has it got a good root run? Looks kind of cramped up against the wall, which is typically very dry soil. I wouldn't bother trying to treat it with fungicide, it probably won't come back next year if you make sure it doesn't dry out.
  • KatGKatG Posts: 37
    Thanks Will, I have some so don’t mind using it... but could it be harmful for birds/bees? I’ve used it before on an Acer but didn’t worry as it doesn’t have berries or flowers at any point of the year. 
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    Hi 😊
    its been discovered that fungicides are harming the planet by creating resistant strains which cannot be cured. This is causing medical problems for humans as well as plants.

    Powdery mildew usually affects plants that are weakened by being under stress. I suspect that your amelanchier has suffered in the recent hot dry spell. We have very free-draining soil and a large ash tree nearby that sucks all the moisture from the soil so  I’ve been keeping our large  amelanchier well watered (the equivalent of three buckets full every other day) and so far it’s escaped unscathed.  

    I think if you can keep yours well watered (not boggy but keep the soil down beneath the surface moist) it will be fine.  Those leaves will not recover but your tree will. 

    Hope that helps. 😊 
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    They are very large shrubs/trees, if it was out in the open it would be ok, too cramped in a corner and not good close to a wall.  A distressed plant will have all sorts of problems. 
    WillDB did say, not to use fungicide on it. It’s best not to use it. 
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    Ok then thank you.. unfortunately the garden is very small and all the planting space is near walls or fence. I needed a tree for privacy and did my best to find something that wouldn’t get too huge, and took all the professional advice I could get about what to plant.  Perhaps I’ll keep it better watered (I didn’t do that well last year as was away for 4 weeks when it was very hot and think friends only managed to water once a week) and maybe thin it out a bit to get rid of cross branches, let more air circulate and hope it becomes a bit happier? 
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