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powdery mildew on rambling rose

Last spring I planted 3 Deschampsia cespitosa Goldtau in front of a vigorous rambling rose 'Wedding Day' which I am beginning to think was a mistake. They have grown huge with flower spikes well over 4ft but my rose has suffered quite badly these last 2 summers from powdery mildew which I have not been aware of before. I suspect I may have planted the grasses too close. Could this be the reason? ( the rose was given me on our wedding day 19yrs ago but I did not know then the difference between a climber and rambler)  The rose is quite cramped and I try to contain it with difficulty within 8/9ft width and height between a pyracantha and a honeysuckle. It is in front of an old stone wall at the bottom with a trellis in front of that further up.  We have had plenty of rain latterly but it was dry in early spring and summer!
what should I do?
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